Circle dances

Calabash Firehouse

Circle of 5 couples, mixer. Start teaching at the promenade in B2. Written in 1998 when only 5 couples remained on the dance floor, at the Calabash firehouse in Calabash, NC.

A1 Men walk forward (CCW, inner circle), women walk back (CW, outer circle)
  Allemande R P 1 1/2, reverse direction
A2 Women walk forward (CCW, inner circle), men walk back (CW, outer circle)
  Allemande R P 1 1/2, look for a new N
B1 Balance & swing N (becomes your P)
B2 Into the center and out
  Promenade the one you swung


I Think I Can

Circle mixer. Written in 2000. In The Little Train That Could, the toy train was turned down by 3 engines before finding the helpful blue engine. Single file in (4) is the train; do-si-do & allemande with the 3 engines before finding your true engine.

A1 Into the center and out
  Into the center and out
A2 Circle L
  Walk single file to the R; women turn around to face P
B1 Do-si-do P 1 1/2
  Pull by the next (LH), pull by the next (RH)
B2 Balance & swing the next


Three Wet Kittens

Becket formation. Written in 2010 for the Goshen, IN dance. "Three French kittens went sailing in a boat. The boat leaked, and un, deux, trois cats sank." An old joke from French class, for teaching numbers one through five.

A1 Into the center and out
  Circle L
A2 Allemande R corner
  Do-si-do P, end facing P
B1 Grand R&L to the 5th dancer (R#1, L#2, R#3, L#4, meet #5)
  Swing #5
B2 Promenade


Updated 3/25/14